Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sleepless in Sarasota

Well, March is in the books.

What a cray cray month.

We had company come into town .... twice. Which was amazeballs. DF's two besties flew in from New England on two separate weekends. It was nice to see DF so happy.

Work is starting to get better and better for me. I'm past my 90 days and while it's super busy and crazy stimulating everyday, I'm happy and feel like I'm doing a great job. I feel very lucky.

The condo is starting to feel like home. I've hung some stuff up and we've really settled in nicely. It's hard with so much space. I've never had a place this big so it's a struggle to decorate. DF and I ordered and amazing living room set and it will be delivered in three weeks. Cannot wait to get it. Hand me downs are great for the budget, not so great for my style.

I've got a big bed all to myself. Well, just Buggy and I. DF took some extra shifts this weekend and he's doing 8PM-8AM. It's been hard. I hate sleeping without him. I know it seems super needy and lame, but he's my other half. Without him, I don't make sense. Sleeping alone seems foreign to me now.

I've been thinking a lot lately about our relationship. I am so very lucky. We've been through such a hard transition to Florida. I'm having lots of family problems, we've both started new jobs, we got a condo, we're getting married, we're adjusting to new surroundings. It's been an action packed 6 months. And I thought 6 months of long distance was hard. HAHA.

The thing is. DF is amazing. He is. And I appreciate everything he does.

I know we are both going to do whatever it takes to accomplish where we want to go.

Anyways...sorry March was kinda lame. Not a ton of posting. I'm getting back into crafting and I've got some cute things coming up. DF's bday and Easter just to name a few. I'll be checking in :) I promise!

I'm slip and sliding all the way back down....please vote again! MUAH!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


What happened to me today?


Literally. Nothing.

I'm sitting in the living room. DF is on the iMac. TBF is on the MacBook Pro and I'm on my pink MacBook.

We are listening to Band of Horses and chilling. Like NERDS.

I've got two loads of laundry going. DF made veggie linguine for sup sup- and it was amazeballs. Nothing exciting to report.

Grandpa is flying in from Boston tomorrow- so DF and I are going out for sushi tomorrow night and then heading to momma and papa bears to play 45s.

Saturday we're doing a pool cookout and Sunday DF has to work. So hopefully Sunday I'll actually get some stuff hung on the walls. (Yes, It's true. All my walls are naked. I haven't hung up a damn thing!)

Still scouring the internet looking for decorating inspiration- but truthfully, unless I win the lottery, me decorating this place is going to be a lot of smoke and mirrors. Hoping to go treasure hunting at Goodwill with Sissy this weekend.

Got DF's black belt certificate framed. That was the big accomplishment of the day. And he really did I shouldn't take total credit since he occasionally reads my blog.

Not in the mood for TV or a movie tonight. So I guess it's just refreshing the boys on how to play 45's.

What a gripping life I do lead!



Monday, February 28, 2011

M.I.A. To A New Day

So sorry I've been MIA. I'll make it up to you.

I've been adapting a new philosophy....stay in motion. I'm like a shark...if I stop swimming, I'll sink. is fresh with no mistakes in it.

Let's do a rundown since last Wednesday:

Thursday: Work. Exhaustion. Furniture shopping with DF. Found couches we want. Bought new couch pillows. Home at 9:30PM.

Friday: Redbull. Energy. Went to The Maxx with Momma after work. Spent way too much money. Got lamps, comforter, shams, pillows and Calvin Klein sheets for DF and I's bedroom. (Will post bedroom inspiration and pics soon)

Saturday: Cut all my hair off. It's total "Mom Hair" and I'm unhappy. Lunch at the Crab Shack. (Not as good as the Crab Pot in Seattle. Not even close. Although sharing my King Crab with DF....that is LOVE.) Went to the movies. Saw "The Fighter." Came home...made supper....watched "Paranormal Activity 2" with DF on the couch. (With the lights on to prevent nightmares.)

Sunday: DF had to work....first Pirates Spring Training Game. TBF and I had Carbon Monoxide warnings for over an hour. Ripped detectors from ceiling. Took Duncan to momma and papa bears. Went swimming. Played out by the pool all afternoon with Sissy. Got a little sunburn. TBF took me to get mani/pedis which were amazing. Took Duncan to get a haircut. Came home, cooked DF steaks and chicken on the grill. Ate supper. Watched the Oscars.

So....we've been busy little bees.

I promise I'll be blogging more. Florida has just finally started being really fun! I am settling into the condo. I still have yet to hang a single thing up....but we're settling.

I've got blueberry muffins cooking in the stove for DF right now. I am happy we're busy and healthy.

It's been constant motion...but Florida is starting to feel like home.


I'm back! Give me a vote to say hi!

Mickey Surprise!

So, I get home from work tonight.

Monday. Tired. Blech.

And DF is cooking...bless his heart.

TBF is sweaty. He's been re-installing all our Carbon Monoxide detectors. They went ape-shit yesterday morning around 8AM. So, naturally, I ripped them all out of the ceiling.

Anways.... I remark how sweaty TBF is...and he goes, Mickey or Pluto?

Uh, as if there was a choice....freakin' Mickey....

For what?

And he hands me this:

Well, just the Mickey. Donald is DF's.


Yes, that's park hopper....ANNUAL PASS! YEAR ROUND!

TBF works for AAA and got a screaming deal on them. So he got one for me and one for DF. Well, and one for himself :)

I did say..."um, TBF, did they have a Minnie one? But you know, beggars can't be choosers but they can be assholes."

Mickey here we come!

Please vote! I'm back in business!