Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's talk about Stress

Let's talk about stress baby....and what that does to you and me....let's talk abbbbout stress. not as good as Push It Real Good..... but, you know.

People say the most stressful things in life are as follows:

Change of Job.

DF and I are doing 3 of the 5 currently. And lo and behold...(is it "low" and behold, or "lo" and behold? Whatever...I like "lo") we still like one another. In fact, I've barely slept in three nights, so I'm a nightmare- compounded by the stress at my new work. And now, YES, we've secured an amazing condo and have been moving things all week.

I am a mess. I am all broken out and look like Pizza the Hut from Spaceballs. And I feel like him too. Because lucky me is adjusting to being back on the my hormones are causing me to vacillate somewhere between screaming at the top of my lungs or crying. I'm so fun!

DF is doing such a good job. He's done most of the heavy work moving. And he's out getting me Dunkin Donuts right now because we are out of creamer. I love him.

And honestly, I'm so thankful to him because I'm a stress case. Between living with my parents, the stress of my fast paced new job, packing up yet again, renting moving vans, getting a new home set up, oh and figuring out what kind of wedding we want plus trying to lose weight and be beautiful on top of it all....I'm barely holding it together.

But then DF hugs me and as cheesy as it is, my breath slows down and I feel alright.

I am shredded. But so loved.

SO.....yes. We are moving into our new home OFFICIALLY tomorrow. I shall of course provide pictures. But let me just say this: it is GLORIOUS. It is 1997 square feet of glorious. Two stories of heaven. I'm so in love with it.

And my bathroom is the best part with the twin sinks. All I fantasize about it the perfect toothbrush holder in between the sinks holding one pink toothbrush and one blue one. It's going to happen.

Get me through today! And keep your fingers crossed we survive the move in!

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  1. Girl you will totally get through it and it will be beyond worth it! Trust me. If I can work tax season hours while finding an amazing house to move into, pack, move, and get my tonsils out all in one month - you can totally do this and you will be so much better off after you are settled! I'm so happy for you guys!! And I'm so happy to be recovering in our beautiful home and not that ghetto trash apartment with scumbag landlords and a disgusting trash neighbor. Sometimes the most stressful times lead you into the best times!! Text me if you need to vent though...I'll be home recovering for awhile! Loves you cookie!

  2. You are one of the strongest women I know!! You can totally do this! Just make sure you take a spa day or something when you are all done unpacking. And I will need your new address to send you lots of fun things! :) Call to vent/catch up!