Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Deadbeat Blogger

What now?

So, I just don't have it in me to be clever today. Feeling blech.

I was so under the weather Friday, I was sent home from work. That has never ever happened to me...EVER. So I made it to my couch and that is where I stayed. Sick as a dog. DF came home from work to me sound asleep and Real Housewives blaring out of the TV. (Atlanta Reunion, Vol. 1)

Anyways. Weekend was tragically uneventful. But we did make a run to IKEA for a TV stand.

Me + IKEA + Too many locals + too hot in store = disaster.

I wanted to get the darn TV stand and bid that place adieu. Of course, I fill our frickin' cart with stuff I don't need.

Then as we approach the rug department, I say to DF, "Ok...we're almost out of here. It's crunch time. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT let me fall in love with anything else....wait a second...what is that...Oh GOD...it's a glorious rug, and I LOVE IT...I have to have it...oh yes, IT WILL BE MINE!"

And.....we got a rug. A 72 X 102 rug. For the living room whose tile floors hurt my feet. And the rug (which we named Sir William Thatcher and we walk all over him) was at the bargain price of $149. I. Shit. You. Not.

Anyways, I'll get some pics up of the new condo soon. I'm sorry. I'm a deadbeat blogger. Just trying to get into a routine and it's harder than it seems.

Try to vote. Please!

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