Thursday, March 3, 2011


What happened to me today?


Literally. Nothing.

I'm sitting in the living room. DF is on the iMac. TBF is on the MacBook Pro and I'm on my pink MacBook.

We are listening to Band of Horses and chilling. Like NERDS.

I've got two loads of laundry going. DF made veggie linguine for sup sup- and it was amazeballs. Nothing exciting to report.

Grandpa is flying in from Boston tomorrow- so DF and I are going out for sushi tomorrow night and then heading to momma and papa bears to play 45s.

Saturday we're doing a pool cookout and Sunday DF has to work. So hopefully Sunday I'll actually get some stuff hung on the walls. (Yes, It's true. All my walls are naked. I haven't hung up a damn thing!)

Still scouring the internet looking for decorating inspiration- but truthfully, unless I win the lottery, me decorating this place is going to be a lot of smoke and mirrors. Hoping to go treasure hunting at Goodwill with Sissy this weekend.

Got DF's black belt certificate framed. That was the big accomplishment of the day. And he really did I shouldn't take total credit since he occasionally reads my blog.

Not in the mood for TV or a movie tonight. So I guess it's just refreshing the boys on how to play 45's.

What a gripping life I do lead!