Friday, February 18, 2011

Amanda Peet's Eyebrows

Random title, yes I know. But, here is the thing. For exactly one month, I've been growing out my eyebrows.

I look like a wildebeest.

It all started when DF and I watched "2012" about a month ago. Screw the special effects, I kept staring at one thing: the GLORY of Amanda Peet's eyebrows. They are seriously perfect.


I grabbed a mirror and I started to compare mine to hers.

Mine: over-plucked.
Amanda's: groomed.

Mine: odd shape.
Amanda's: perfectly symmetrical.

So here is my experiment. I look awful. But I'm growing them out to see the natural shape God gave me. Which I haven't seen since circa 1995 when someone handed me tweezers.

It's going to be a hard road. But I must travel it in search of eyebrow glory.

Besides...I couldn't grow them out right before the wedding...hello tragedy if they looked awful!

Every time I apply eye-makeup it's not the same. I'm overgrown. I look sloppy. I'm.... so hairy. So unruly. It's shameful.

Oh Amanda Peet. What have you done to me?

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  1. So tell me do you feel the need to give people like a disclaimer about your eyebrows when you first start talking to them? Like - Hi I'm Meredith, please pay no attention to my furry eyebrows, I'm getting married next year and I want to start fresh with the landscaping in that area.
    or do you just point to them and say "Amanda Peet"?
    I just had almost the same experience except mine wasn't really on purpose. I hadnt plucked for a while before my surgery because I was just too crazy busy to keep up with it. And then the other day was feeling ok and I wasn't too drugged up so after a refreshing shower I looked in the mirror, I mean really looked, at myself and I couldn't believe how furry my eyebrows had gotten. to the point I didn't realize they grew that low! I got my tweezers out and I felt better after, but I yelled at tyrone when he got home for not telling me. of course he said he didn't even notice. but that after the pluck they looked fabulous! Lol...awe, thanks hun!

  2. LMAO Cheers to Bushy eyebrows, good tweezers, and a great wax.

  3. lol..this brought my back to my FIRST eyebrow experience! lol.. Do you remember sitting on your bed in Wood when you finally convinced me(as a sophmore in college, no less) to FINALLY start plucking my eyebrows?! Your obviously did a great job because people always comment on how they like the shape of my eyebrows :) If it wasnt for you, God only knows how Hairy mine would still be... hehehe