Monday, February 7, 2011

Shrimp Dip

The Superbowl. Which unless the Pats are playing means one thing:

Time to binge eat.

The boys always request one thing: Shrimp dip. Again...looks complicated....super easy to make and SO ADDICTING. Honestly, one bite....and you can't stop. I triple dog dare you. Make'll see.

So. You're gonna need 2 8oz packages of cream cheese.

16oz of Sour Cream

I bought 24oz by accident. Crap.

Italian Dressing Packet

The juice from half a lemon

Two cans of tiny shrimp

Ok. That's it. Throw everything except the shrimp in the mixer and let it rip.

Next: Throw the skrimps in. (*yes....I said "skrimps")

Mix those babies in with a spoon so you don't crush them to death. 
(Well, they are already dead, but you get the point)

Now, this is important. ONLY SERVE WITH FRITOS. Trust me. Only Fritos.

Serve to your people and enjoy :)

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