Sunday, February 13, 2011

Come and Knock on Our Door

Come and knock on our door! We've been waiting for you....when the kisses are hers and his and his (not right...just go with it) three's company too!

Ok. So. We are moved in. It's official! I'm so happy.

TBF is living with DF and I. Because...wait for it...this condo is TWO THOUSAND SQUARE FEET! Whooot! In my adult life, I've never lived in a place this big. The apartment TBF and I shared in Seattle was And I thought that place was a palace. if this new condo is Three's Company...then I guess that makes me Jack. Uh, right? who is Chrissy? And the other broad? 

Anyways, the move went really well. Well, not entirely true. At work on Friday I came down with the worst 24 hour stomach bug I've ever had. It was brutal. So yesterday I was barely able to stand up straight, let alone move furniture in. So my big strapping DF moved most of the heavy stuff.

Honestly, DF looked so beefy and sexy. He told me to quit staring at him like he was a T-Bone steak. But truly....he looked DAMN FINE. All rugged and strong. Yum. 

Ok. So I took pictures of the disaster when we moved all the shit in. But I can't find the cord for my camera. (And I can't find my laptop cord, or my BlackBerry charger, or DF's Valentine card) but we're slowly settling in.

I'll give you a preview of the layout. It's got 15 foot ceilings and tons of space, but the actual floor plans make it look squishy. I promise you'll see actual pictures the moment my camera cord resurfaces.

TBF crashed out at like 8PM last night. DF and I snuggled on the couch and watch "The Strangers" which if you haven't seen it, is a super scary movie about a young couple whose house gets broken into. Not the best choice for our first night in a new home. 

I have a handmade wood baseball bat from my friend Superhero in Seattle...and he even wood burned the words "Bad Mama Jamma" into it and stained the bat pink for me. So I slept with Bad Mama Jamma on one side of me and DF on the other. (Much to his chagrin.) 

So anyways. This weekend was way too short moving all our junk. I'm due for a long winter's nap or a cold adult beverage. 

DF is going to cook me the first love muffin of the new house right now. I'm typing away at the kitchen table and he sure as shit looks like a T-Bone steak to me. I'm so in love with him. 

And since the only things I've eaten today because of this stupid stomach bug are as follows: one bite of Caprese pizza, two bites of veggie lo mein, and three twizzlers, I'm hoping I keep this glorious love muffin down and start to feel better.

Finally in our new home....and happier than ever.

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  1. OMG! Your place is HUGE!!! Can't wait to see pics!

  2. I am so glad for your blog. Yesterday was the most painful day yet after my surgery. I was so beyond sick. but then there was this bright light as I clicked to your blog bookmark on my phone. YES! A NEW POST BY MEREDITH WITH NEW MEREDITHISMS!! This post cheered me up immensely and made me laugh...but just a funny little noise came out cause it hurts too much to laugh for real. I hope you are feeling better though, I don't want you sick. How was the very first love muffin in the new house? And what exactly is going in TBF's Man Cave? This intrigues me! Cant wait to see pics!