Monday, February 28, 2011

Mickey Surprise!

So, I get home from work tonight.

Monday. Tired. Blech.

And DF is cooking...bless his heart.

TBF is sweaty. He's been re-installing all our Carbon Monoxide detectors. They went ape-shit yesterday morning around 8AM. So, naturally, I ripped them all out of the ceiling.

Anways.... I remark how sweaty TBF is...and he goes, Mickey or Pluto?

Uh, as if there was a choice....freakin' Mickey....

For what?

And he hands me this:

Well, just the Mickey. Donald is DF's.


Yes, that's park hopper....ANNUAL PASS! YEAR ROUND!

TBF works for AAA and got a screaming deal on them. So he got one for me and one for DF. Well, and one for himself :)

I did say..."um, TBF, did they have a Minnie one? But you know, beggars can't be choosers but they can be assholes."

Mickey here we come!

Please vote! I'm back in business!

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