Friday, February 4, 2011

Fah Fah Friday


Thank Friggin' God it's Friday.

I slept with earplugs in the last two nights to drown out the sound of multiple offenses: the whiny dog, the sound of DF's sleep machine and most offensively, the loud ceiling fan and its clankity clank clank sound.

I have some big news cooking....that's what I've been working on all week long. DF and I are optimistic and hopeful. I hope I'll have something really great to share with you all by Monday.

Last night DF ditched me to go watch TV in the other room. I know he hit his pain threshold on the Real Housewives franchise. my defense...I had the Atlanta finale on the DVR from last I was dying to see it. When I put Andy Cohen on for the 411 on the aftershow...DF jumped ship like he was the only straight man on a gay cruise ship.

Anyways, I finished up withe Nene and Kim and company and I walked into the other TV room to find my DF watching....wait for it..."GROUNDHOG DAY!"

Fuckin' Bill Murray! I love Bill Murray!

So we watched nearly the whole thing and giggled the whole way through.

Last Friday night, DF and I went to see Mama Bear at her furniture store and sit in the expensive massage chairs.

Rockin' evening...right?


Then we went to our favorite Italian restaurant and got serenaded....just DF and I. For real. 

DF and I sat on the same side of the table. The musician who plays at the restaurant on Friday nights was just packing up his things. He saw DF and I being lovey-dovey so he came over and asked if he could play us a song.

It was incredible. DF and I held hands and had a private concert. No one else in the restaurant. Super romantic. 

Well romantic until DF thought he could do an Italian accent and kept saying the song title that sounds something like "Madrigrena"...but DF ends up sounding like the Dos Equis guy. Annoying! like a prom dress. Work calls.

Keep your fingers crossed I'll have an AWESOME update over the weekend!

Please remember to vote once a day! Thanks loves!

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