Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

So my momma bear works at a big furniture store...and she is always on the lookout for cool things when they make their way into the big clearance center. Being a hoarder, she's been known to sneak things into the house without any of us knowing. "Oh that lamp? No it's not new, had it for years...." Riiiiiight.

But, she found this one piece that she's been talking about for about 2 weeks now. She kept calling it "artsy fartsy tiles." Naturally, it sounded repulsive to me.

However, she came by the new condo tonight with a surprise for DF and I. The "artsy fartsy tile" piece. Shocker- I freakin' love it!

Take a peek:


It's pretty big...probably 2 1/2 feet by 4 feet. And heavy. But so amazing. I thought it would originally go in our bedroom but I love it so much, it will probably hang over the plasma. It looks like DF and I will be taking a trip to IKEA this weekend. And I swear...I'm going to end up with exactly the same TV stand I had in Seattle. I'll buy it for the second time. I just know it.

PLUS....there is a giant metal ampersand at momma bear's store I've been eyeing for over a month. It's huge. It is also costly. $129 to be exact. Oh well I figured. Not meant to be mine. 

I love ampersands. So momma showed up tonight with not only the tiles...but my metal ampersand! Which she scored with her discount for only $25 buck-a-roos!


For scale...here it is next to my desk....

So, DF and I were hoping to unpack my office tonight- but we're both pretty tired. It looks like DF will be heating up leftovers and we can watch last night's "Tabatha's Salon Takeover." on the DVR. He loves that show...don't know why. But I'm not going to complain :)


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  1. Omg!! I love love love the ampersand sign!! It's friggin awesome!