Saturday, January 29, 2011


I really want to leave the BSB part off that title...but I have to leave it there.


I can't even believe how lucky I am.

One of my lifers, KVC, got me tickets yesterday morning during the American Express Block Nation pre-sale.

The first time I saw NKOTB I was 8 years old and my papa took me to the old Boston Garden. I stood on my chair the whole time afraid I would miss something. My papa says to this day, it's the best concert he's ever been to. And he's seen Aerosmith, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Who, The Stones, you name it. To papa, New Kids reigns supreme.

I went again to see NKOTB when I was 10. This time papa took me to Foxboro stadium and I believe I was so riled up on pre-teen adrenaline, I cried the whole time. Tears of sheer joy.

New Kids are a part of me.

I held out hope for the last 15 years that they would reunite. I was at a Kiss 108 concert in 1999, the year Jordan and Joey had singles out. "Baby you know I can give it to you......" oh Jordan.

So I'm there with about 15 people. And the announcers come on and say that they have a special reunion with three extra people....My roommate Jennie and I bum-rush the stage thinking it was a NKOTB reunion- FINALLY.

Not so. It was Run DMC and Aerosmith doing "Walk this Way." Awesome...but not NKOTB.

Finally at 28- my angels reunite and my bestie in Seattle and I go see them twice. EPIC.

Plus....we made signs.

Can you say CLASSY?

So now...on June 11th....I will be home in Boston at Fenway Park seeing the loves of my life.

Donnie Wahlberg.

I DF. 

Well, just for DW. :)

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  1. OMG Mere, What a blast from the past! I had totally forgotten about that day. Then as I was reading about the Kiss concert part I thought to myself.."wait a minute, I think I was there for that" Then a few lines later you thankfully confirmed that I was, blame my "Some-timers".. ;) I cannot wait to see NKOTB (and I guess the BSB part) and YOU in June!! Love you xoxoxo