Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I had to pump gas tonight after supper, which I loathe doing. HATE. So DF offers to go for a drive with me, on the condition that we go to Dairy Queen and get a "twisty cone."I say fine, as long as he pumps the gas. Which he agrees to. One twisty cone for pumping my gas? Sold.

So we head out. DQ is bizzz-ayyy. I'm so ready for my twisty cone. The DQ twisty cone is not really a twisty cone at all actually; rather it's a small vanilla soft serve that has that hard chocolate shell on it. Dee-lish. We just like saying "twisty cone." Try it. Cute, right?

Anyways, we are sitting and waiting behind 3 cars. Holding hands in the drive through and talking about normal day to day stuff.

Then, at the exact same moment, we both pause, inhale, make the same exhale sound, and mumble something at exactly the same decibel that sounds like a soft, "braaaaahhhhhhhh."

Yup, we do that sometimes... just make the exact same sound effects at the exact same moment.

Just 100% totally in sync. Even when it comes to breathing.

If I ever wonder if I'm with my soulmate- with my other half -I will be reminded that he is The One for me in a simple sigh.

Just a sigh and a glance. That's all it takes. He is mine and I am his. Locked together always and all ways.

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