Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Blog about Blogs


I need help. Why is it so friggin' difficult to put up a button URL?

What is a button URL?  ...well, that's the problem. I don't know. I'm a mac for crying out loud. I don't know HTML. And I need a button URL. Which I have no clue how to create.

What is HTML anyways? Man, I wish I was a graphic designer. Or knew one.

Anyways, I just put my blog on Picket Fence Blogs and there is a button on the left. If you click it, it will vote for me on their site and I don't have to be a loser with no votes. I'm #871 out guessed it....871 blogs.

I'll be honest, I read so many of those blogs, I know all these women's lives. It's amazing. They are all super talented and resourceful. I know if you peek around you'll become virtual friends with them too.

Look, I don't need to be #1. But I'm going to be honest, knowing people are reading my stuff has given me more excitement than I've had in a while. So, thank you to my readers. All 4 of you.

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