Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hello Sunday morning....nice to see you again.

DF is making me a love muffin as we speak. I love him.

So, we went bowling on Friday night with TBF, Sissy and her AH (Amazing Husband). It was a smorgasbord of unfortunate-looking people at the bowling alley. Man, the bowling alley provides the best people watching EVAH.

DF claimed to be this awesome bowler. I believe he said his average game was "180." Um, not so much. I think he is just rusty. I have no form whatsoever, and I managed to get an exact 100 durning my second game. Which is the best score I've ever gotten. Bowling is fun, no matter what. And we didn't even drink.

On the way home, DF stopped at Checkers so I could get some tasty fries and then we got home and continued with our Dexter marathon.

Yesterday we literally just bummed around the house. We. Are. So. Tired.

Work is kicking my butt and DF works at 5:30AM. So we're both just zonked.

Last night, momma bear and gram came home with two big bags from JoAnne Fabrics. Apparently, gram's 94 year old friends up in New England are freezing their butts off. So, they've hired me to make two more no-sew blankets. Gram did pick out pretty colors.

So, probably late tonight during the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale, I'll cut and whip up two blankets. 

Not sure what's on the adgenda for today but hopefully it's not to streneous. I'm freezing, it's only about 50 outside and it was 30 last night. Guess it's not a beach day.


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