Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Ok, ok.... I know it's bouquet. I was just being saucy.

So, I know I want peonies for my bouquet. I just love peonies. Especially when they open up. They are so fragrant and delicate. And I'm so freaking picky- I know I'm going to make my own bouquet if I want to be happy. I've got skills. I can do it.

I've been searching for inspiration. I know I want pink. And I love the half and half style of this bouquet:

Photo credit: Theknot.com

I love that. But I'd do pink. Isn't the half and half kinda modern and stunning? It's unexpected and I think if executed correctly, it could be amazing.

My favorite bouquets with peonies so far include the following:

Totally romantic.


Hot and spicy

And look, I think carnations get a bad wrap. They are beautiful in a big bunch. And very cost effective. How cheap are carnies? (Well, not carnies, like carnival people, carnies as a slang for carnations.)

But looks how elegant they can look:

Well, minus that weird green stuff.

I honestly just think I'm going to do a trial run. Like, this weekend. Why not? I love flowers, plus I've already dried my preanniversary roses. So we need some flowers in the house. (and by "we" I mean "me") Plus, I've got to do a craft soon or I'm going to lose my mind. 

I'll keep you posted if I try and fail....or try and succeed! 

I guess I should just pick wedding colors first....or a wedding venue...or a wedding anything. I still have no idea. I'm narrowing things down in my head. 

I joked with DF that I'm going to do a power point presentation about what I'd like for a wedding. Not in a psycho way, or a bridezilla way, but man, I think I'm missing the bride gene. So by getting organized, I think it will kick start my planning. 

I just need to make a decision and stick to it. If only....

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