Friday, January 14, 2011


So. Today is officially 365 to Bride.

I started my blog early. However, in one year from today, I will marry DF. It's our "Preversary" today, which is our "pre-anniversary." I originally thought it was a silly little idea.

Today seemed like an uneventful day. DF had the day off from work. He and TBF spent the day organizing my parent's garage. Super riveting.

I spent the day at work. Keeping myself busy, working my butt off. I was secretly really watching the clock hoping 6PM would hurry up and arrive so I could come home to my DF who I was desperately missing.

At 5:45PM, there is a knock on my office door. I open it and find a young delivery man holding a bunch of flowers.

Lo and behold....they are for me.

Cue the "AWE."

So I'm just thrilled and can't stop smiling. I bring them home so I can enjoy them all weekend.

The best part: the note...

He's a keeper.

I can't believe how thoughtful and amazing this man is. Honestly. So I get home, and DF takes me to the most amazing dinner at this delicious Italian place. We had wine, my favorite Caprese Salad, and I had linguine and we shared dessert. YUM. Totally romantic.

You know what, when we have each other, we have everything. We're so in love.

So now we're home. With full hearts and full bellies. We're on the couch and snuggled in for a few episodes of Dexter. 

I'm so happy I get to wake up next to DF and next to my flowers. 

Lucky lucky lucky me. 

Always & All Ways.

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