Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sprayed & Targeted

Well, DF had his training yesterday for his new job. He is handling the security for all the MLB spring training. He has been assigned to the Pittsburgh Pirates which doesn't excite me at all. If we were talking Red Sox, we'd be in business.

Part of his training included getting maced with pepper spray. Well, no, that's wrong. He got sprayed with O.C. spray. Which stand for"Oleoresin Capsicum." Which is a fancy way to say, "holy shit that stuff burns my corneas out."

It sucks big time.

So, now, every time I kiss DF, I get a tiny little but of pepper spray in and around my mouth and it's like sucking on a Hot Tamale. Not fun.

Moving on. DF finished up his first day of work today and he took me to dinner at our favorite mexican place to make up for Friday night's debacle. We sat in "our" booth and I had too much tequila. Happy me.

We had to do a leTarget run after dinner to get new socks for DF. (I call it leTarget which basically sounds like LayTarjay when I say it out loud.) While at leTarget, I found this super cute garland to start my Valentine's Day decorating...

Notice the price? Two bucks!

So DF lets me throw them in our cart. We got home and I immediately put it together. He shakes his head and asks me not to hang it on the headboard. I smile politely. As I assemble it, I realize it's a lot trickier than I thought to get the suckers to lay flat. After mastering the little foam bastards, I hung it from our headboard (much to DF's chagrin) and it looks like this:


I mean, not handmade, not super expensive, but adorbs, right?

And I had four random hearts left over, so I put them on top of the Pottery Barn mirror...


I also got this little baskets at the dollar spot:

I got strawberry colors.

And they were ONE BUCK. Gosh...I friggin' love LeTarget. I'm going to organize all the crap under the bathroom sink. It's a mess.

Well, I've got some fun projects for Val's day in store. Stay tuned.

I'm going to go get a chili burn and give DF a kiss goodnight. XOXO.

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