Thursday, December 30, 2010

TBF and the Angelbaby

I'm going to go ahead and use a real name besides my own.

This is Duncan Patrick. And you want to know why I call him Angelbaby?

Because he is a friggin' Angelbaby.

Duncan also goes by the aliases Mooshoe, Nugget, Mooshie, Papasan, Duncan Donut, Poodle-face, and yes, Angelbaby. I seriously doubt he knows his name is Duncan. Bible. Plus, he is dumber than a box of rocks, but just the sweetest boy you'll ever meet.

Duncan is my pupster. He moved all the way from Boston to NH to Seattle with me. He is almost 6 years old (his birthday is tax day- it was fate we found each other) and he the love of my life. Well, besides my DF.  

Moving on. TBF and I had been living together in Seattle for the last few years. When DF and I moved to Florida, I made the VERY adult decision to leave angelbaby with Trusty Best Friend while DF and I get settled. The plan was for TBF to move to Florida when our lease was up at the end of December.

It's kinda like how my parents must have felt when I moved to Seattle. They knew I had to go but they were sad to see me leave. I knew Mooshie had to stay in Seattle until I was settled in. Plus he's hopefully given a lot of love and care and company to TBF since I've been gone.

Well folks, it's the end of December and Trusty Best Friend has officially begun his trek to Florida. With my Angelbaby in tow. 

TBF just texted me these two pics:

Moosh saying goodbye to Seattle. 
(Not sure how TBF took this pic while driving, but ok...)

Mooshie wondering what spot on the hotel floor he can pee on.

I am so freaking excited for TBF and Angelbaby to be in Florida. They should be here next week. I'm going to cry. Yes, excited to see my TBF. But the Duncan Donut? GOD I AM FREAKING OUT HAPPY! 

This pup is the heartbeat at my feet. I hope he doesn't hate me for being away from him for 3 months. 

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  1. Angelbaby loves glass elevators and is beyond excited to see you as is TBF. We both miss you like crazy