Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Frost bites.

I go into work at 9:00AM. It's usually warm and sunny by then. So imagine my shock when I walked out this morning and saw this:


Wilson, my truck, totally covered in FROST! (Yes, Wilson was named for the volleyball in "Cast Away" with Tom Hanks. So when I'm in a parking lot I can yell out "WILSON!" and be obnoxious. Plus, if you don't cry at the scene when Wilson floats away from the raft then you don't have a soul.)

Hello! I thought I moved to Florida. I can't even believe it. My lawn was also covered and crystallized white. Take a look:

Snow? No!

Can you believe it? I wore a short sleeve blouse to work today too. I was freezing my tuchus off.  (Tuchus is Yiddish for "ass." I love Yiddish.)

Not much else happened to me today.  I am still in love with my new job. I look forward to going in every morning when I wake up. Plus DF has been living up to his "darling fiancee" nickname, and makes me coffee to go, plus he packs my breaky and lunch everyday. He better not get too used to this "house-husband" thing. (Although, don't tell him, but I just love how he takes care of me. He makes the bed if I don't have time. Swoon.)

DF makes the best coffee in the morning. I always ruin it. Thank God for him. Take a peek at my $12.95 Starbucks cup that I'm currently obsessed with. I wanted one for the past 5 years in Seattle and they were always sold out at Christmas time. The candy cane straw is plastic and the lid un-screws. It's amazing. DF was appalled that I spent the bucks on it, but I use it all day everyday. And by sending me to work with coffee instead of me swinging by Starbucks, we are saving beaucoup bucks. 

Love in a cup.

Can't believe there are only 2 more days in 2010. I'm sure ending 2010 on a much better note than I started with. 

Still no New Years Eve plans. It's just nice to have DF here. I hope we just cook dinner together and watch old movies. Perfect.

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