Thursday, December 30, 2010


DF knows I have a serious aversion to the word "fiancee." I think it is incredibly pretentious.

For example, I feel like a colossal D-bag when I say, "Ohhhhh, right-a-roo, my fiancee and I went to Chili's last night." (Not that I say "right-a-roo," but how else do you type to sound like a D-bag?)

So, instead of calling DF my fiancee in public, I usually call him my boyfriend (which he is not) or I call him my husband (which he is not.)

This morning, we were having coffee together before I left for work. He made me a "love muffin" sandwich, which is basically a McMuffin. DF said I couldn't call my sandwich a McMuffin. So I called it a McDF, which also didn't work. So I call the damn sandwich a "love muffin." Which, actually, now that I type that out- sounds kinda dirty.

Back to the story. Eating the love muffin. (again, gross.) I said to DF, "Wow, thank you husband! You are the best boyfriend ever!" Verbatim. That's what I said. Durh.

He looked at me like I was nuts, and told me that he understands that I hate the word "fiancee" but we are going to need something new. Because "boyfriend" doesn't work and "husband" isn't true yet.


So he says, "How about BoyBand?"

Uh, say what?

He goes on to explain that it's half boyfriend and half husband. Then he does an adorable little chair dance like he's in the New Kids On The Block.

Well, BoyBand it is! I'll admit it doesn't stick in person as much as I wish it did. I did blurt out both boyfriend and husband at some point this evening.

The BoyBand title is still up in the air. Thank god he's the DF on here. Sheesh.

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