Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wreath Madness

Well, my secret shame is stalking home improvement blogs and getting ideas and inspirations that I almost never apply to my real life.

Yesterday was no exception. I saw a few women make these incredibly chic wreathes out of coffee filters. Yes, coffee filters. Folded in fours, and glued on a craft wreath.

So, I dragged DF to Joanne Fabrics, which let me tell you, he LOVED, and found the wreath foam form. One dollar. A dollar! I also bought blue ribbon, which went against my basic Christmas philosophy: Blue is not a Christmas color. DF loves blue. So, I found blue ribbon that wasn't hideous, and at 60% off, who could resist?

I got home, got out yee ol' trusty glue gun, and went to town. Then I employed Grammy for some slave-labor and had her fold my coffee filters as I started gluing.

(Don't worry, I moved my Gucci bag before this baby went live.)

I, Meredith Rae, turned 200 coffee filters into something glorious: 

Even with the blue ribbon, isn't it amazing? I mean, I know I went a little overboard. Maybe it should be a little fluffier, but I just love it. Sissy (yes, I call my sister Sissy) actually folded two of the two hundred coffee filters, so she claims she made it. However, I have the burnt thumb and fingers to prove my dedication. 

Side note: who knew coffee filters were $1.49 for 200? What a steal! Maybe instead of Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks I need to invest in a coffee pot. 

All in all, a beautiful wreath for under $3.00. I'm impressed. It fills that awkward space in the hallway nicely. 

Now, the dilemma is this: do I spend the $10 bucks for the rubbermaid wreath holder, or just toss it and make a new one next year?

Decisions, decisions.

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