Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mail Stop

Ok. This is embarrassing. I didn't have any inspiration for a Christmas card holder this year. Everything looked super blah to me. So, defeated by laziness, I started taping cards onto our bedroom door around our felted tree advent calendar.


Well, inspiration stuck. Ribbon. Yes, the same ribbon I've been tying on all our Christmas presents.

Thanks JoAnne Fabrics! 

I just taped the ribbon to the door with plain old Scotch Tape:

Prettier already.

Added our cards and voila!  I spent 20 mins and organized them all. Take a peek!

So much better.

I even love it with the door open:

Sigh of relief.

Look, I get that Friday is Christmas Eve, so why bother? Well, the mess bothered the hell out of me! Besides, it's the little things that count. I'm so glad I fixed it.

Also, that adorable advent calendar was a find last year at The Maxx. 

(Definition(s): A: "The Maxx," a cool place to hang out at on the show Saved By The Bell. B: A crazier way to do something. Eg: "I did that shit to The Maxx." C: The Maxx, A shopping emporium frequented by fashionistas. See also "TJMaxx.")

The calendar was on super clearance and was under ten dollars. This year I told DF that he should put cash in every single day. Uh, not so much. He did me proud though. On December 3, I noticed a tiny slip of paper in the slot. No bigger than a fortune from a fortune cookie. 

It said a reason why he loved me. Gulp. I just love this man. He put one for every day of the month.

Today's was particularly good:


Clearly, he is a keeper. 

Hey! I'm a keeper too! Listen to this good news: I landed an awesome job today, and they want me to start tomorrow morning at 9:00AM! 

Santa came early in our house. Today was a great day.

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