Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baker's Dozen

I'm cheating already.

My wedding is in 13 months from today. Not a year. I just love order and rules, but cannot resist breaking them. Plus, Three Sixty Five To Bride (I love the phonetics of that!) sounds so clever; I couldn't resist.

So here I sit, next to my DF (darling fiancee), who always is by my side, keeping me company, even as I do all these ridiculous things. We both moved to Florida in the last two months. Me from Seattle, and DF from New Hampshire. Long distance is not fun. But now that we are finally together, after all this time, nothing can feel more right. I have my missing puzzle piece and it's him.

Well, he liked it so he put a ring on it. A beautiful ring that is so me I marvel it's new. It feels like it's been on my finger forever. I'm one of the lucky girls who gets to look at my DF everyday and know how much he loves me. I get to laugh everyday. I get to be happy everyday. And in 13 months, I am going to marry this man who is my best friend. Amazeballs.


So I'm going to take this baker's dozen months and turn them into something wonderful. Let's set some mini-goals, since I always always work better with a goal in mind.

1. Let's both find jobs. I mean, really. Moving to a new state and starting over is tough enough. Let's get employed and I can check that item off my list and preserve my sanity.

2. Find a beautiful place to call home.

3. Set a date for wedding....oh wait...CHECK!

4. Plan wedding. Yikes. Overwhelming much?

5. Get healthier. Which, let's face it: who doesn't need to do that? Can I get an amen?

That's all for now. That seems like a small list of accomplishments I can handle.

I feel better already now that this is started. Go me.


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