Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rough Night

Well, since this blog is about my life, I figured I should write about my real life.

Not a fun night. We both are very tired and still cranky this morning. Last night after a 45 minute drive, I was placed in a classic no-win situation. Sissy vs. DF. A classic match up of two titans.

In this corner, a spark plug of a girl, whose bark is bigger than her bite. Sassy Sissy the Aries.

And in this corner, a trained killer, he who is usually right, DF the Dynamic Darling.

It was just a mess.

The reason for this story is simple: when DF and I got into the car to drive the 45 minutes home from said debacle something awesome happened. Communication.

Now we've all been in relationships where things go left unsaid and hurt and resentment begin to accumulate. I'm not in one of those relationships. DF is so articulate and well spoken. He is respectful to my perspective and can admit when he's wrong (he just usually isn't wrong. Pisses me off!) and he will say he's sorry when it is warranted. He made sure I will be ok and that whatever needed to be remedied would be. He said he will always take care of me no matter what. Hearing those words out loud and consistently knowing he is on my side makes me lucky. Lucky and so very happy.

We are going to venture out into the world but we are both very sleepy people today. If we make it to Dunkin' Donuts and to the jeweler to check the prongs on my ring, life will be good.

DF puts a smile on my face no matter what. It's all about being happy. And with him, I am.

I'm trying.

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